Rusty Solomon Is A Successful Businessman

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Rusty Solomon is a successful businessman and consultant who has worked with a number of high profile companies. He is also a noted philanthropist who has worked with charities like Save the Children, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Cancer Society, and Cancer Crusaders.

Rusty Solomon was an analyst for New York City’s Lightstone Group, the President of AdvantEdge Real Estate Systems, and a Director at NexGen Compliance Solutions—he has held a number of enviable positions at prominent companies over the years.

After working with those companies, Rusty Solomon worked as the National Managing Director at Linear Title and Closing. He was in charge of Linear Title and Closing’s compliance, quality assurance, national licensing strategies, technology, business process development, title operations, and risk management. This was certainly not an easy or simple one, but it was certainly one he was well suited to.

Rusty Solomon is now the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mandrien Consulting Group, which is a management consulting firm that works with the mortgage and title insurance industry. It is a highly successful firm that works exclusively with those industries, in fact. Mandrien Consulting Group has an impressive track record that reflects it’s high quality leadership from Rusty Solomon.

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